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❝I'm Samantha Shriver...

but you can call me Sam.❞

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Name:Samantha Shriver
Birthdate:Apr 3
Location:Ft Hood Army Base, Texas, United States of America
Website:Steve Shriver

❝Samantha Shriver❞

Birthdate: April 3, 1982
Nicknames: Sam, Sammy
Height: 5'6"
Weight: not nearly enough
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: dark brown

❝Sam's Bio❞

The black sheep of the family, Sam thought of them as the perfect family, excluding herself. With her drinking and partying getting out of hand, things changed for her in September 2008 thanks to a small fight with big brother Don who found out she'd gotten into a bit of trouble with NYPD again and fired from her bartender job because of her drinking. He'd went to her place later that day to play their favorite song on his iPhone, which he played into the speaker but she was in the process of drinking a bottle of whiskey, half of it already gone and wouldn't let him in. The song only caused her to drink more, thinking she'd already ruined things with Don. At the end of her rope, she cleaned up and headed to the nearest AA meeting, not knowing that Don had followed her there or heard her tell them she was an alcoholic. Things got better after that night, in her life and with her family. She stopped drinking and partying and found a new job. She'd had a slip up or two but has had her drinking under control since May 2009.


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❝Army!brat Verse w/[info]sgtshriver

In mid-July 2009, Sam had stopped off at Dempsey's Pub in the East Village because she was bored. Sitting at the bar drinking shots of orange juice, yes orange juice, when Steve Shriver took up the empty seat beside her. After a few hours of talking with him, they stopped off and got Ray's pizza and went back to her place. The two of them have been together ever since. Steve met Sam's family on Labor Day weekend and he took her back to his hometown of Athens, TX to meet his family over the long Thanksgiving weekend and again at Christmas. Already living together, they were surprised in August 2010 with a positive pregnancy test, Sam getting pregnant when Steve came back from overseas in July 2010. Engaged and date set BEFORE they knew of the pregnancy, they were married on September 18, 2010 and moved to Ft Hood, TX a few weeks later. Their son, Noah Austin Shriver was born three days late on April 13, 2011.

steve shriver
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❝Fresh!Start Verse w/[info]sgtshriver

Sam met Steve on July 4, 2010 at a BBQ hosted by a joint effort between the Army and the NYPD at the Ft Hamilton Army Base in Brooklyn, when her husband left her there so he could hang out with his buddies. Steve had heard the exchange and volunteered to show her and her daughter Chloe around the base, including watching the fireworks that night with them. After taking them home afterward they kept in touch and he helped her out a couple times when her husband flaked out. After finding him with a co-worker, she moved out that night and eventually got her own place in Brooklyn. She filed for divorce and thanks to the pictures was free of him in October 2010. Once free, she and Steve got together and he eventually moved in with them. He'd taken Sam and Chloe home to Texas for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Her life has finally changed for the better. She just needs more time to realize things are going to be different now.

chloe shriver
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This is an RP journal. It is not real. I am not Samantha Flack or Kathleen Munroe. I am not making any money on this. It is just for fun. I am merely borrowing Sammy to play with.
Mun and muse are both over 18

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